Dec 24 2015

Joy Shaker Gift Tags

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I love the Christmas Season for many reasons, but I have to say, it is fun to see my name everywhere.  It’s the only time I get to see my name “in lights”.  lol

As we were shopping around last weekend, MJ spotted some cute Joy Christmas gift tags.  It was the perfect inspiration.  So, when we got back to the house, tim and I pulled out the supplies to make our own.


But when you’re crafting with #thesky, the possibilities are endless.  It was a constant “ooh! We should add this!” or “what if we do that?” or “it would be cute if we….” We kept stepping it up a notch… so a quick Christmas tag turned into the cutest little project… each and every one of them!  #ridiculous (with a smile)


Tim had a great idea to use the minc machine to make the black cardstock have silver foiling of “joy” all over. So, he created a cute background that he printed on his laser printer and ran through his mini minc machine inserting the black cardstock and silver foil into the transfer sheet.  And bam! the cutest cardstock piece comes out the other side.

We used his Framelits Tags Collection to cut out the tags and then we used the Alphanumeric Thinlints to cut out the J and the Y from the black tag, as well as the fun foam (which tim Xyroned so that it already had adhesive on both sides).  Once we got the design in place, I used the Tissue Tape to hold the J and Y dies in place so that I could run the tags and foam through the vagbond easier without having to re-align the J and Y.


After the black cardstock was cut into tags, I ran the brushed pewter distress paint all along the outside of the tag.


We put the die cut fun foam onto the Yuletide paper tags.  Using the CUTEST little idea-ology spoon, we put 1/2 a teaspoon of distress glitter in the J and the Y and then covered that up with a piece of transparency, making the prettiest little shaker.  We then placed the black cardstock tag onto the rest of the tag.  It was nice that the black cardstock aligned so easily with the rest of the tag since we used the tissue tape to hold down the J and Y in place.


We die cut the tag re-inforcer out of Silver Metallic Core-dinations Cardstock.  The wreath was cut from Tim’s Pine Twine and he used his heat tool to help it lay flat onto the tag.  We used Gold Deco Sheets on kraft cardstock to punch out the Bow for the wreath.


Every time I put one together, I would smile.  This project made me super happy.


Here are a few of the tags that we made.  I’m excited to be able to give these out to my family and friends.


Merry Chrstmas everyone!


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Dec 21 2015

Winter Wonderland

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Since my last visit to my Winter Wonderland seemed too short, I thought I would stay a little longer my next time around…. Ummmm, how did this trip seem just as short?

Monday morning, I could not sit still at work, knowing that I was going to be on vacation for the remainder of the week. But, what set me over the edge was when I get got a text from tim and MJ saying that it was snowing. Nothing (well almost nothing) makes me happier than gorgeous snow in Prescott. That is my wish for my annual Christmas trip… Snow in my Winter Wonderland….

I met Ted and Michelle Cutts (Mr. & Mrs. StampersAnonymous) at the airport in Phoenix and hitched a ride with them up the hill to Prescott. When we got to the house, it looked like tim had sprinkled Distress Glitter all over the ground into the snow. It was so so pretty!!!

The next day, we hit downtown for some junkin…. But first stop…. In-N-Out. Mmmmm! Since Ted and Michelle do not have an in-n-out near them, it was a treat to go. And I was happy because I love in-n-out.


We spent the day shopping and enjoying each other’s company. We even got to stop at TJ Maxx to feel some nice soft blankets and try some headbands on.

TJ Maxx

And who couldn’t resist a little late night ice cream? (apparently ted could. lol)

The next day, we worked on things for CHA only taking a break from some delicious MJ cooking…. I was so excited about his cooking that I forgot to take a pic of lunch…. Yummy pastrami sandwiches…. But, I was able to take a pic of the pizza we had for dinner… YUM!


After dinner, Michelle painted my nails and added some Gilded Holiday Remnant Rubs. It looks so cool and totally makes me happy!

Rub On Nails

Thursday, Ted and Michelle were going to be catching a flight back home, so we worked on more CHA stuff and ate more amazing food!!! For lunch, we had nachos with homemade guacamole… and who else, other than my bestie would section off a piece just for me. I have some quirky eating preferences and he was so sweet to modify the nachos for me.


And dinner was absolutely delicious. We had BBQ ribs, brisket, coleslaw, potatoes, and corn muffins. Soooooo good. But, what was a special treat was dessert… MJ’s Pecan Pie. It was perfection! We had a couple of extra guests that night, too!


I enjoyed the next 3 days with #meboyz doing what we do together, eating, crafting, working, running errands, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Tim helped me make some Christmas gift tags. They are SHAKER tags…. (I will share later this week on how we made these tags) They were so fun to make.


The day I leave is always tough for me…. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my time with the boyz. Truly 2 of the sweetest, most generous people I know. #luckygirl But, that morning was somewhat magical. Our dear friend Monica (who couldn’t make it out to AZ with me this year) wished for snow for me on Sunday…. and what do you know… 6 in the morning I wake up to beautiful snow coming down in my Winter Wonderland. (Thanks Monica!)

What I loved, too, was that it didn’t stop MJ from making my (new) favorite breakfast… snow and all, MJ went outside to make the special chips for our Huevos Rancheros. Sooooo Gooooood!!!


We continued to make swatch boards for CHA up until the time I left…. I couldn’t believe how fast the time flew…. Another fun trip to my happy place…. Grateful for their hospitality…

Until next time Winter Wonderland….

Winter Wonderland

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Sep 10 2015

“Labor” of Love

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Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday.

I had an awesome holiday.  I got to spend it with 2 wonderful people just laboring away! :)  Tim had a few classes coming up and I came to help kit some of the projects.  The thing that I love about working with him (other than his uber talent and funny personality) is that this man is sooooo organized.  Kitting is so much easier when it’s organized and thoroughly thought out.  Not only that, but his attention to every detail is like no other.  The things that he does to make his classes run smother always amazes me.  He goes above and beyond….

Who else would take 300 little white flowers, spray stain them black and add distress glitter so that their project is that much more adorable?  I love that he made his own special glove out of plastic bag. (I wish there wasn’t a glare when I tried to take the pic)


Who else would take the time to stain the toothpicks for the paper pine cone die cuts and already hot glue to the start of their paper pinecone?


Who else would have their bingo pieces inked black since the numbers come in red?


Those are just the few little things that I actually took a picture of… There is so much more that he does that just leaves me in awe!  Anything to make it that much easier or more special for his students.

Another thing I always look forward to is MJ’s (Mario) cooking!  Soooo good and so tasty.  It was so good that I forgot to take pix of it most of the time.  But, I was able to capture these two meals.


And… I got to meet MJ’s granddaughter Zoey.  She is so beautiful and so sweet.  I hogged her while her parents came for a short visit.


Although we worked looooong hours, we got to squeeze a little hobby lobby time in.  Even though they opened one near my house, going to THIS hobby lobby is always special to me.


And any time I can spend with my boyz is a good time!  So much so that I figured I can sleep when I got home. LOL.  We would kit until 1 am… and there was even a night (or I guess morning) that I had to tap out a little after 2.  Tim stayed up a little later… But, I had to get a few hours of sleep in because in just 4 short hours, I had to get up to have coffee and breakfast with MJ… and then an hour later, have breakfast with Tim.  HAHA.  I think I had like 5 meals a day and like 6 cups of coffee!  (#sogood)

How do 4 days fly by so fast?  But, I’ll take it.  Always grateful for whatever I can get.

It is always awesome to have my mama and papa pick me up from the airport… and this time, they brought this little guy.  I was so happy to see Huck.  I missed him while I was away.

Until next time….

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Aug 10 2015

Fresh Brewed

Yesterday, I held a stamp-a-stack (or stamp-n-snack as one of my dear friends called it) at the warehouse yesterday.  I design 5 simpler cards where ladies make sets of them.  Some are good at sending their cards out… others like to hold on to one.  So, this way, they can keep one and still send the other sets out. :)

I wanted to stamp with the girls yesterday, so I cut myself some of the kits… but of course, once everyone came, I did more socializing than stamping. lol So, I ended up crafting last night, and a little this morning.

This is one of the cards designed for our stamp-a-stack (SAS).  The girls loved the Latte Card we had made at the last SAS… they requested another coffee card.  Good thing there are 2 different types of coffee cups you can make with the Tim Holtz Fresh Brewed Sizzix Die.  I just love love love this die.  I also loooove the new Plaid Background from Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous.  I felt it would go perfect with this die.


I ran out of my Peeled Paint Core-dinations paper and decided to use what few sheets I had left for the coffee label.  But, I don’t think I can create a card without matting it.  LOL  So, I cut white cardstock and ran Peeled Paint Stain on the outer edges to give us that green matting for the card.  I do this often with the stains so that the paper matches perfectly with the inks on the card.


My obsession for Perfect Pearls has not stopped.  I just love the shimmer it gives when the light hits it just right.


I was able to score “a few” straws from a certain coffee shop 😉 so, I had the girls cut the straw into short pieces and then cut them in half.  It have the perfect pop.  I also gave them the choice of using the Tim Holtz Mirrored Stars or the Gum Drops.  Most of them did some of each.  That’s the nice thing of making multiples of cards.  I added a touch of white distress paint to the star to distress it a bit. We also added white distress paint to the transparency lid.


Although that last pic makes it look super shimmery, it really is a subtle shimmer… the light just hit it really strong… and since I was crafting at 5 am, there was no natural light in my craft room.  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by….


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Sep 28 2014

Sharing my “Vintage Journey”

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I was very honored to be asked to be a “Creative Guide” on “A Vintage Journey“.  The theme is “The Colours of Autumn” and I had fun creating the card below and sharing how I created it.

BeFunky_2014-09-27 14_2

I had so much fun playing and creating with some of my favorite products.  The distress stains are sooooo much fun to play with.  Below is “wet” and “dry” version of the background of the card.  I love the “spray” look.


And of course no card would be complete without perfect pearls…. haha.  I used the perfect copper to brush in between the cracks of the crackle paint.BeFunky_2014-09-27 07_50

Be sure to check out more details of my project on “A Vintage Journey” and I hope that you play long with the challenge of “The Colours of Autumn

Thanks for stopping by!


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Aug 15 2014

Mini Distress Sets 10-12

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Woohoo!!! They are here… the completion to these ADORABLE Mini Distress Inks. Sets 10-12.  So happy that they are now available in all 48 colors.

Thanks to Tim Holtz and Ranger, I am able to give one set away! :)


For the card I created, I wanted to play with the Ranger Texture Paste since one of the properties I absolutely love-love-love about it is that it is inkable.

I didn’t want my paper to move around when I applied the paste, so I used Tissue Tape to temporarily adhere my black cardstock to the back of the stencil.

BeFunky_2014-08-14 22.jpg

I flipped it over and applied the paste to my (current) favorite stencil… Gothic.  I use the back of the palette knife to apply the paste.  Spread it all over like you are frosting a cake. (I hear that’s how you frost a cake anyway… I’m not much help in the kitchen… well, except help EAT the food :) )
BeFunky_2014-08-14 23.jpg

 I seriously love the magic that happens when you lift that stencil up to see the gorgeous pattern.BeFunky_2014-08-14 232.jpg

Then, I took Milled Lavender and applied the ink directly onto the paste.  I did the same with the Tattered Rose, Chipped Sapphire and Shabby Shutters.  After the ink was down, I used my mini ink blending tools to blend the colors around the pasted pattern. (I got so excited that I forgot to take a picture of that step)BeFunky_2014-08-15 05

 I stamped one of the quotes from Attic Treasures in Shabby Shutters and lightly “kissed” certain parts of the stamp with the chipped sapphire.BeFunky_2014-08-15 05.jpg

 I love how the two colors go so well together.BeFunky_2014-08-15 06.jpg

 And I HAD TO add perfect pearls to the project… It’s my latest addiction.  My stamp-a-stack girls (or stamp-and-snack as tim thought it was called) can attest to my obsession. :)BeFunky_2014-08-15 062.jpg

 It’s hard to capture the pretty pretty shimmer that it adds to the project….BeFunky_2014-08-15 06

I inked the edges with Brushed Corduroy and put it on black cardstock for matting. I attached a hinge clip to the top of the quote.

I applied all of the pieces, as well as the wordband (that is adhered with the linen ribbon)  to Neenah Desert Storm Cardstock.

And here it is all put together.  I loooove the INKED textured paste.
BeFunky_2014-08-15 063.jpg

One thing I loved about making this card is that I stepped out of my comfort zone when it came to color combination.  I seem to always reach of the same colors for most of my projects.  But, it was fun playing with other colors.

Please leave a comment and tell me what your favorite color combos are for a chance to win a set of the new mini distress inks. :)  I want to try some of your new color combos.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Jun 21 2014

Mini Distress Ink Winner and Christmas in June….

I can’t even begin to describe the gratefulness I felt for all of the sweet comments during the Mini Distress Ink Giveaway.  I will be honest… there are times I don’t blog my work because I feel that it is so “simple”.  But, the kind words in the comments helped me realize that its ok to have a “simple” style.  So, thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

The lucky winner is:

Barb S says:

I love your card…simple and extremely elegant…and doable! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Congratulations Barb! :)  Please email me at and I will get the 3 new sets sent over to you! :)


I wanted to play for the Inspiration Monthly Challenge.  This month’s challenge is Christmas in June. :)  I loved the technique so much from the post, I thought I would try it again.

I grabbed one of the snowflakes from the Grunge Flakes stamp set by Tim Holtz and used my Distress Mini Ink Pads to go direct to paper. (Tumbled Glass, Weathered Wood and Stormy Sky)


I did the same to the Christmas Greeting (from the “Old Fashioned Christmas Set“)  and I had to add that perfect pearl again.  That slight shimmer really really makes me smile! :)

So, here is the finished card after applying frayed burlap ink around the edges and adding the black cardstock to mat the images.



Sis and I started watching “Downton Abbey”.  And we were talking about how we are jealous of the letters they receive in the mail.  Sure, we give hand made cards with a gift or hand delivered at a party, gathering, etc.  But, I don’t remembered the last time I mailed a card “just cause”.  I would like to start again! :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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Jun 16 2014

New Mini Distress Sets

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Hello! :)  I’m so excited because today, Ranger Ink is releasing 3 more mini distress ink kits!  And guess what!  I have a set of them to give away today!  Look how beautiful kits 7, 8, and 9 are! :)

I made this simple card using the mini distress inks with a fun technique perfect for mini ink pads.

I loooooove Tim’s Distress Damask Background stamps.  I took the Weathered Wood Mini Distress pad and inked only portions of the stamp.

Next, I took the Tumbled Glass Mini Distress Ink and added it to other portions of the stamp.

Then I took the Stormy Sky Mini Distress Ink pad and covered the rest of the stamp where there was no ink.

I stamped it on some white cardstock.  Look how fun the different blues inks blend together.

I repeated that process and stamped again.

Keep repeating that step until you have the whole cardstock covered.  (but don’t worry about the middle too much since it will be covered by the greeting)

I used the Frayed Burlap from one of the kits and inked up my Mini Ink Blending tool… Did I tell you how much I love this tool?  I reach for this size more often than not! :)

I distressed the  edges of the cardstock.

I repeated the same technique onto the greeting stamp, using the same three colors and stamping it on white cardstock.

I applied Perfect Pearls onto the greeting.  I love that distress inks stay wet longer, so the perfect Pearls have time to adhere to the ink.

It’s hard to capture the beautiful shimmer it has.  But, I love that extra little “bling”. :)

I then applied frayed burlap distress ink to the edges and used black cardstock to mat my images.

And below is the finished card. :)

Please leave a comment and I will select a random winner.  Can’t wait to send these to someone! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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Apr 20 2014

Happy Easter! :)

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Hope all of you are having a fabulous Easter Sunday!  I’m looking forward to spending the afternoon with my family.  It’s always fun to spend time with my grandma, parents, siblings, nephews and cousins.

I made a little easter card to share with you today. :)

I love love love tim holtz’s distress stains… I don’t have to have a bunch of colored paper… I can take a white piece of cardstock and make my own colored cardstock.  So easy peasy! !:)

I am so addicted to stencils!  I love the lattice stencil from tim holtz. I apply a little tissue tape to the cardstock and stencil so that it doesn’t move around when I am applying the ink to the cardstock.

The mini ink blending tool is so perfect for stencil use.  Much easier to control to get into crevices.  And I love that you can kind of see through the stencil so you have an idea of where you are applying the ink…

But the REAL magic is when you take off the stencil… I always say “ooooh!  Aaaah!” whenever I take that stencil off.  LOL (really, I do…) (and even though my Lakers are out for the season, I couldn’t help but go with Laker colors. :) )

Now, for the next part, I got so into the project that I forgot to take pictures.  LOL.

I used Mowed Lawn Distress stain on tim’s Tapered Fringe Decorative Strip Die.  Again, didn’t have green cardstock, so the stain was perfect.

I die cut the mini bunny out of brown cardstock and then applied Sparkly Fluff using  a 2-way glue pen.

And you can’t have an Easter project without some eggs… I love this 2-step stamping eggs in the Nature Walk stamp set.

I realized I didn’t have an lilac cardstock for the card base… so guess what I reached for… yup, the Lilac Stain….  And since you will be covering up most of the card, you only need stain on the outer edges.

Thanks for visiting today!  Here it is all put together. :)

Wishing you a happy Easter!



Oh…. I hope you are playing along in the Inspiration Emporium Egg Hunt.  (you can read the details here)  Hope you found my letter! :)  For the next letter, please visit Jennifer McGuire’s Facebook Page.

Happy Hunting!

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Dec 17 2013

Another great mini vacation….

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Well, I’m back to “reality” after a great mini vacation.  I took a week off of work to spend it with some of my favorite people…. doing some of my favorite things…. (unfortunately Jordan and the rest of the New Kids were busy, so they were not able to join in the fun.  LOL!)

My vacation started Friday, December 6 after I got off of work.  My mom surprised me with concert tickets to see one of my favorite acapella groups… Committed.  I was a HUGE fan of them when they were on the Sing Off during the second season.  Our family was so happy they won.  These guys are so talented, so humble, and so much fun to watch.  it was also fun to spend the evening with my mom…. just me and her… no sister, no father… just good mom and daughter time. #blessed

The weekend itself wasn’t much of a “vacation”….   It was the usual… running around with my nephews and niece.  Ballet practice, baby sitting, sleepovers… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I cherish my family time and my siblings know I would do anything for them and their kids. :)

Then Monday…. the fun begins again.  I was able to get ticket so see a Live taping of  The Voice.   So, my mom took the day off and joined my cousin and I as we headed out to LA to watch the taping.  My mom was so cute… so excited…. she had never been to any tapings before.  We met with Dindi for Brunch at a cute little cafe with amazing food.

At first, my mom was nervous… no cell phones allowed… so she asked what we would do from 1-7?  I told her that we have to actually “socialize” with each other… no interruptions. :)  She couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by.  We were entertained waiting to get trammed into the studio by the guys that work for 1iota.  Then, when we got escorted to our seats, we were happy that we were SITTING vs standing in the pit.  And not only that, but we were sitting on Adam’s side…. aka #sexiestmanalive :)   At first, we got super excited because we were by the sky box… but then we realized that they only use it on the Tuesday Results show.  Much to our surprise, they used it once… and when they did use it, it was to promote the singoff, so we got to see Nick Lachey and Shawn Stockman…  When we saw them filming, we were like “oh, I guess you won’t see us… the camera angle was pretty tight”.  Well, to our surprise, as we were watching the voice that (k)night, mama started jumping up and down cause we saw ourselves on TV.  LOL…. oh the little things that make us happy.


I had to get to bed early… since I still had to pack and be out the door by 3:30 am to hit the road with my dear friend Chelle….  We were heading out to our winter wonderland…. Road trips with her are so much fun… good snacks, good music, good conversation.

As soon as we got there, we were taken out for some lunch and a little bit of shopping for booth props and inspiration.  I loooooved being in the nice winter wonderland with the snow…. I had my boots on and long coat… but apparently, I didn’t get the memo of the tennis shoes.  lol

For the next few days, Chelle and I helped Tim and MJ get ready for CHA.  Whether it was getting kits done or working on samples, we had fun just being there.  Does it really count as “work” when you are doing something you love with people you have a blast with? :)

I even got some web work done while I was there.  I totally enjoyed doing my geek thing with company rather than all by my lonesome. :)  (Thanks MJ, Chelle and tim for these pix)

But, one of my FAVORITE things about going to Prescott is MJ’s amazing cooking… and we ate GOOOOOOOOD this trip.  Chelle made this collage of the wonderful things we got to eat…. I don’t know which ones of these is my favorite.  Everything was so yummmmmy… even his coffee… I think he puts crack in it.  LOL!

As much as I loved staying in Arizona, I had to get back home… before my sister’s birthday… so Chelle and I hit the road once more….

My baby sister turned 35 on Friday the 13th…. so I threw her a Maroon 35 themed party! :)  My sister is already a rockstar, so this was like 2nd nature to her.  lol.  We made VIP badges for everyone (2nd pic) and handed out lanyards and swag bags as they walked in.  My cousin Pop, our “tour manger”, checked in the VIP guests.  Look at her all cute doing her job in pic #3.  Then, on our VIP lanyards, we got a photogroup letter… just like at a real concert.  I loved that everyone played to the rock n roll theme…. I even added some streaks to my hair.  (well, I clipped them on anyway…lol)

After eating yummy food from the taco man, we got in our photogroups to take our photos…  Pop escorted my sister into the photo area where we had set up a backdrop that looked like a concert stage.  When she walked in, we all cheered and screamed like as if she really was a rockstar in the band.

Pop got us all lined up in order of our photogroup letters.  Below are a few pix of our photo session.  We had such a blast with the rockstar props from their swag bags.  and I loved watching my sister enjoy her evening. :)   I wish I could have captured a few moments like my grandmother doing duck lips with the rock n roll hand gesture.  I wanted to put her temporary tattoo on her neck.  that would have been classic.  lol

I ended my vacation organizing my craft room a bit… I loved looking at my new dies and getting them in their proper containers. :)  And I also got inky getting some samples done for CHA. :)

It was a perfect mini vacation…. I need more of those. :)



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